Our Commitments

Our commitment as regards Legal requirements

We commit to serve you in the respect of the social regulation in place. It is the priority for our directors and sales staff in order to guarantee you a peaceful and stressless tour , in total control and safety.

For Tours, Full or Half Day trips, transfert, evenings or a simple presence, our agent must enforce several mandatory parameters and rules as follows:

1. Maximum consecutive driving time

  • Should not exceed 4h30 during daytime.
  • From 4 am to 9 pm => 6h.
  • A break is mandatory . Duration : 45 minutes .
  • Second option : split in two breaks : one of  15 minutes and another one 30 minutes .

2. Maximum daily driving time

  • Should not exceed 9 hours* for  every 24 hours period.
  • A daily rest of 11H00 must be respected on top of mandatory breaks on the road.

(* This duration can be extended to 10 hours twice a week under certain conditions)

3. Duration of work (daily)

  • Should not exceed 14h in total amplitude. Including time from the park departure  and the return of the vehicle to the park.
  • In addition,  one need to add mandatory breaks as well as 11h daily rest.

4. Amplitude

  • 12h per day (service time).
  • 13h without dérogation  single driver, regular service.
  • 14h double drivers for tours and trips.
  • 18h double drivers (an additionnel fee is needed for worker ).

5. Weekly rest

  • weekly rest is mandatory after 6 days of consécutive work in France, and after 12 days abroad.
  • 45 consecutive hours of weekly rest must be enforced as well.


All these parameters are to be taken into account , for you and your client safety and liablility. We are making the utmost to make your tour affordable and safe, and meet your expectation legally.