Some History

Menguy Burban Coaches touring and transport : A family Business since 1935


Since its creation , the company Burban has always been focused on offering to his client transport and transfert by coaches.

1935 : Starting-up the Business

Started from scratch in 1935 , Bertin Burban launched the company in Josselin (in Brittany), grouping different activities linked to transport : taxis, ambulances and trucks.

1946 : After-war

WWII aftermath , Bertin Burban start over the activities with only one coach.

He chooses to organize Tours and groups trips to ride people to events and exhibition.

1950 – 1962 :  Mrs Burban in command

In 1950, Bertin Burban is assassinated during a Tour in Italy. Madam Burban is taking over the company. She will marry in second vows in 1955 Mister Menguy…

giving birth to the now known Menguy Burban company !

In 1962, facing the baby boom period, the number of pupils and students is growing in France. The needs of transports is real, therefore Mrs and Mr Menguy-Burban develop their offer to  manage school transfers as well as local and regional requests.

1974 : The second Generation

Loïc Burban, son of Bertin and employed since  1961, is taking over the family business in 1974.

Loic transforms the company into an associated company and focus the activities on touring and trips, disinvesting little by little the other businesses.

1975-1990 : Market expansion

Loïc Burban as a true passionate expand the coach park from  2 to 22 vehicles, as we turn at the end of the 90s .

Loic also manage to develop quickly the company, contracting with the full Brittany region a long-term contract on transports. He also continued to develop further and further the touring activity.

Under Loic management, Menguy Burban coaches will ride around french and European roads, transporting millions of passengers.

car josselinais au Maroc

1995 : The third Generation

Pierrick Burban, son of Loïc has spent all his childhood in coaches , playing the driver. He chose naturally to perpetuate the legacy in 1995.

During five years, he will also tour around France and Europe to understand perfectly the business and requirements as a chauffeur. After this operational period, Pierrick takes over the company s management.

1995-2005 : A new Era

Pierrick will is to give the company a fresh boost  : he wants do develop further driven coach rental  towards International and national touristic tours,  which become the main activity of the group.

Pierrick has played the right cards : in less than ten years,  the activity has developed and the company fleet is multiplied by two , and the full time employee has reached 70 people.

2008 : Consecration

The company Menguy Burban is selected to convey all the fans for the final of French National League Cup from Vannes, Britanny to Paris Stade de France.

In total,  6000 fans will be driven to Stade de France in more than 170 coaches managed and logistically directed by Menguy Burban for this amazing  event.

Finale de la Coupe de la ligue 2009


2008-2009 : Extension of locations to Paris

Facing an increase of transport requests in Paris area, Pierrick Burban decide to implement a subsidiary company.

In 2007, a set-up is found in the city of Conflans Ste Honorine (78) in order to manage more easily all airports transfer requests as well as the market segment of big corporations and b2b needs located in   Yvelines and Val d’Oise.

In 2009, Menguy Burban selects Valenton (94) as the ideal City in order to reach an easier access to Paris downtown .

This second bold move enable the company to step up to the next level.

2010 : Vannes Office Opening

Born and raised in Brittany , and rooted to his childhood region, Pierrick Burban opens a new subisdiary in Vannes (56). The goal is to offer an integral network in Brittany and to make a clear statement on Menguy Burban market presence west of France.

sites menguy-burban autocars paris bretagne

2011 : The Digital choice

Always reactive to the market and meeting customer needs and evolution, Menguy Burban lauch a new website on Internet and develop an early stage online booking software to facilitate the customer experience. Setting up an innovative approach, Menguy Burban has always been appreciated for customer service excellence and dynamic relation with business partners.

Therefore, since 1935, the family business Menguy- Burban is continuing to write its own history, always putting the customer first with a  high quality service, delivered in a professional manner. As André Suares once said  « The Traveler is what makes the Travel memorable”

2018 : Creation of Group Burban : External Growth for further expansion

In 2018, Menguy Burban becomes Group Burban and incorporate by takeover MonChauffeur in Nantes.
The network on Atlantic coast in expanding, as well as wider range of services and clients , Monchauffeur being famous for high standards services.